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We feature:


  • Individual Indoor/Outdoor runs

  • Air Conditioned

  • Radiant Heat floors 

  • Large Exercise Yards

  • Secure Fencing system provide Exceptional Safety

  • Experienced, Compassionate Caregivers provide Individual Attention

  • Purina Pro Plan Food

  • You May Provide Your Own Food, if you prefer

  • Kuranda Beds or Fleece are provided

  • Special Needs welcome

  • Playtime and Daily Walks Available

  • Medications Given (using your medications and instructions)

  • Personal Items Welcome (no more than 2 per pet and please label each item)

Vaccination Records Required (all guests, no exceptions):
  • DHPP 
  • Rabies  (must have certificate)
  • Boardatella/Kennel Cough & Influenza (*recommended, not required)


Subject to change

Cash & Check Only



  • Small Dogs    up to 20#           $30
  • Med-Lg Dogs up to 100#         $35
  • XL Dogs  over 90#                    $38
  • Playtime                                 $  5 per session
  • Medication                             N/C
  • Own Food                              N/C
  • Injections                                N/C
  • Extra Care                              $10
    • (any medical/Therapeutic care beyond normal stay)  
  • Vet Trips                                 $25


Our Roomy Kennels
Our kennels provide plenty of room to rest, stretch, eat and play including indoor/outdoor runs providing plenty of fresh air for your furry family member while in our care.  
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